Gray Nicolls Oblivion e41 5 Star XRD Bat

Gray Nicolls
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With its mirrored cosmetics and distinctively large low profile that has to be seen to be believed; the Oblivion e41 is the perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

The unique shape of the e41 results in a blade ideally suited for front-foot play. With a light pick-up and an unprecedented 41mm edge profile, Gray-Nicolls are pushing the boundaries of bat-making to make it easier for you to reach yours!.


  • Weight Range: 2lb 8oz – 2lb 12oz.
  • Handle: Finest 12 piece cane handle for maximum feel through the blade.
  • Handle Shape: Options available in all 3 of Gray-Nicolls handle technologies.
  • Bow: Mid/low blade bow.
  • Sweet spot: Mid/low blade sweet spot.
  • Profile: Low profile created for maximum power yet perfect balance for ultimate control.
  • Edge: Imposing 41mm edge profile that won’t be compromised by our bat makers.
  • Grip: New double-texture Zone Grip for excellent control of the blade.